Ear Pain Treatment

Ear pain solutions, home remedies

Hello friends in this article we explained about ear pain treatment. Fungus often begins to form water due to water or dust in the ear several times. Which gradually causes the effects. It causes headache, restlessness, and unbearable pain in the ear.

People who have excessive grief typicallyhave pain in their ears too. At times throughout the night, this pain suddenly arises, which makes it difficult to bear.

Ear Pain Treatments

1. Onion juice

After sudden pain in the ear, remove the juice of onion and put 1-2 drops in the ear. This will ease the pain.

2. Mustard oil

Mustard oil may be a cure in any style ofinjection. Heat the oil lightly after ear pain. Put 1 drop of it in the ear. This will ease the pain.

3. Garlic
Anti-bacterial properties of garlic are helpful in preventing infection. Put 1-2 grams of garlic in mustard oil and warmth it till it becomes brown. After this, once the oil becomes lukewarm, then put 1 drop of it in the ear.

4. Watering
Sometimes, due to the accumulation of cough in the ear, pain starts to occur. The best solution for this is lukewarm water. Squeeze the towel into lukewarm water and apply it to the ear.

When the towel is cooled, repeat this process again. Do this for 15 consecutive minutes. This will get a lot of benefit

5. Diet with Vitamin C

Take a diet made in water-soluble vitaminin your diet. It is helpful in removing the fruit effect.

Ear pain solutions

Keep this thing in mind
1. These measures are for some time relief. Correct treatment of ear is very important.
2. Never clear the ear with sharp edges.
3. Do not woke up loudly when it hurts. This can increase the hassle even more.
4. After cleaning the fungus in the ear, make the doctor clean.

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