Throat Sore Home Remedies


It is common for cold-cold weather and cold sore. Before cold and cold, symptoms like throat pain and soreness start to appear and we start having difficulty breathing. Today, we are going to tell you some home remedies to remove the salty, which are extremely beneficial and also have immediate effect.

What is the throat sore

Sore throat is a very common respiratory disorder. The main reason for this being that the delicate inner layer of the throat is infected with virus / bacteria. Due to which there are symptoms of swelling, secretion cough and the effect of normal infections of the body. Occasionally sore throat can be a sign of serious illness. In such a case, the doctor should be shown immediately.

These are domestic remedies for sour relief

After every 2 hours, put salt in warm water. Because warm water and salt cool down in the throat and due to being antiseptic, it also helps in reducing the infection. If sore throat, mixing milk and half the water at night while sleeping gives relief.

Along with this, boil 4-5 black peppers and 5 leaves of basil in 1 cup water, make a decoction, after that, drink this water slowly and sip. When thirsty, when thirsty, thirsty drink, drink lukewarm water. Grind black pepper with 2 almonds and get relief in throat problems. The presence of toxin in the body further increases the sore throat, so more fluids should be consumed. From which toxins get out of the body.

Along with two-three cloves, make a paste by grinding one or two garlic buds and mix a little honey. Take this mixture two or three times a day. Get comfort At the same time pour some turmeric in the milk and boil it and drink it before going to bed. Please tell that ginger tea is very beneficial in sore throat.

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