Weight Loss Tips – Diet Plans

Weight loss tips

Home Remedies for Weight Loss – Diet Plans

However, with all diet plans, it is a scientific warning that it should be done by asking the doctor or in the care of the doctor!

Drink at least ten glasses of water daily for seven days daily.

First Day: Eat fruits in addition to bananas. Eat fruit fruit as much as you like. Eat watermelon especially

Second Days: Salad & Vegetables Those vegetables can be eaten raw or eat raw or boil or cook it. In the morning breakfast, you have been told to eat roasted potatoes with a little butter, but if you cook the boiled potatoes on this day, then put onions and spices in it, prepare the same way. As for making parathas, the boiled potatoes are mashed to make masala. It also keeps the stomach filled.

Third Days: Vegetables and Fruits No limit, no matter how much you eat. Banana still does not eat. And today potatoes do not eat too.

Fourth Day: bananas and milk. Today, eight bananas are eaten and drink three glasses of milk. Drink a soup made with it as described later.

Fifth day: We eat this day paneer (do not cook) and tomato. Drink some more water.

Sixth day: Cheese and vegetables Eat as much as you want.

Seventh Day: Brown Rice (also accounts for simple boiled rice). Fresh flavored fruit juice, not packaged and vegetables

Ayurvedic remedies for reducing obesity

For special soup: Make soup with at least six onions, large tamarors, capsicum and closed cauliflower and drink as much as you like for seven days.

On the day you are allowed to eat vegetables you can cook vegetables. Only one spoonful refined or ghee can be used everyday.

While doing this diet, you do not have much sense of being on diet. Whenever I had such a feeling, after taking lemon and black salt in the soda (club soda) it was taken.

Although milk tea is forbidden in this diet plan, but we can give such a discount to ourselves.

You will begin to see the difference in your body from the third day. See yourself in the mirror on the eighth day. Would love to

Weight Loss Best Home Remedies

Honey and lemon

Drink lemon and honey mixed together and lose weight. Mix well with a glass of warm water, add honey, lemon juice and black pepper powder. Take this mixture empty stomach every morning.

how to make herbal tea for weight loss

The material that is needed for it is written below. ingredients for Loose weight
1. Fried fenugreek – Dry fenugreek, 2. Barberry – Barberry, Daruhaldi, 3. Karanji – karanji, 4. Amla – Amla, 5.Giloy Tinospora (Giloy), 6. Kutki Kutki, Gnat, 7. Bahera Bahera, 8. Turmeric, 9. Acacia (Babul), 10. Kalijeeri Kalijeeri, 11. Manjhit Mnjit, 12. Chirayati Absinth, 13. Dronoputhi Dronpushpi, 14. Panwar Pnwaar, 15. Bhumivala Bhumiavla, 16. Harad Harad, 17. Google Gugul , 18. Babul Gond Babul Gond, 19. Bakucci Bakuchi, 20. Pure Shilajit – shilaajeet

All these things will be easily available to you who sell groceries or herbs.

How to make a decoction

To make 2 months of decoction, add 60-60 grams of all these ingredients.

Now in the morning, empty stomach half teaspoon boil it in 2 glasses of water until one glass remains.

Now cool it down to cool yellow.

Ayurveda has proved to be very effective for reducing weight and fat. If the pure jadi butiya is used, then there is no better recipe than this.


Parsley is known for the cleaning of the kidneys. It keeps you healthy by taking out the waste products present in the kidneys. Along with the problems associated with the stomach, too, and does not allow long hunger to feel that there is no problem of weight gain.

*weight loss with gooseberry juice

Karounda is a good source of vitamin C. It is also a good antioxidant. Karounde’s juice is also very beneficial in weight loss. This makes body metabolism well and reduces fat loss.

*Red pepper red chilly

Red chillies help keep your weight balanced. According to a research, adding the powder of red chilli in the food makes your metabolism process faster and after the meal burns unwanted calories and fatness is low.

*Aniseed fennel

This is an effective herbal recipe for weight loss. Take a cup of fennel tea for fifteen minutes before taking heavy food. It will control your appetite. Apart from this, it is also beneficial for diseases related to stomach.

*Leaves of berry

Soak the plum leaves in the water overnight. Drink this water in the morning by filtering the black stomach leaves. Make this prescription for one month, there is definitely a decrease in your weight loss.

*Tomato tomato

The amount of beta carotene and iacopene in tomatoes is very high. If you are thinking about losing weight, then Tomato may be beneficial for you.


Eating yogurt can also reduce weight. According to the International Journal of Obesity, the weight of those who eat more yogurt decreases rapidly or lessens. Calcium and protein are useful in reducing fat in curd, but add curd or tooth milk again to remove the milk cream. Weight loss tips.

*Drink plenty of water

Eating eight to nine glasses of water a day helps in reducing weight. In many researches, it is believed that between eight to nine glasses of water you can burn 200 to 250 calories.

*Close Cabbage Cabbage

Leaf cabbage is a special vegetable but it can also be used to reduce weight. One cup cooked cabbage contains only 33 calories, which does not allow weight gain. Cabbage soup gives energy to the body but reduces fat content.

*Apple vinegar apple vinegar

With the help of apple vinegar, weight can be easily reduced. Mix it with water and drink it every morning. Due to the control of blood sugar from apple vinegar, it is helpful in reducing weight because insulin will not be able to accumulate free sugar as fat.


In gourd water and fiber are found in sufficient quantity. You can take its vegetable or juice in any way. In 100 gm gourd juice only 12 calories. Adding it to your morning breakfast will reduce weight and will also glow your skin.

*Green tea green tea

Green tea is a very good antioxidant that reduces fat. If you take it every day, then your weight loss can definitely be seen. Researchers at the University of Maryland Medical Center, in their research, believe that there are special types of Polifenols found in Green Tea, which helps in burning the body fat.


Mix honey with two tablespoons radish juice and drink it in equal quantity with water. After this, obesity will start decreasing after 1 month.

*Root of Malti

Grind the root of malti and eat honey and drink honey. In obesity that occurs after delivery, it works like a panacea. Weight loss tips in hindi

*Mint peppermint

Adding one spoonful mint juice to 2 teaspoons of honey will reduce obesity.

*Ficus religiosa

Grind the fine powder of small pepper and filter it with cloth. Taking this powder with three grams daily in the morning, with the stomach, the stomach gets out of the stomach.


Eat papaya regularly It gets in every season. Excess fat around waist decreases with long-lasting papaya intake.

*Onion and pepper

Eat with tomato and onion salad with pepper and salt. These will give vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin K, iron, potassium, lycopene and lutein to the body. After eating them, the belly will be filled quickly after eating and the weight will be controlled.

*Drink hot water

The body needs plenty of water to do its job properly. It also keeps your body healthy and drinking water also controls obesity. Control the obesity with hot water; Drink hot water every time you eat.
With this, the digestive system works properly and the excess weight of the body is present.

*Aloe vera

By eating aloe vera, weight control happens with consumption of weight controlled aloe vera leaves. Therefore, eating aloe vera should be consumed daily.

*Home remedies for reducing obesity and weight loss

Obesity is not only caused by eating too much, but due to timely and not proper breakfast, overweight can be a problem. Breakfast is the most important diet throughout the day. The body needs some energy for the whole night after sleeping and full of passion for the day, which gets from Breakfast. But without eating anything, the process of whole body metabolism becomes domadol. Therefore it is necessary to have breakfast on time.

*The deformation of the root of the arandum root of castor

By making a decoction of the root of the anvil, filter it and remove the amount of one teaspoon of honey regularly with it three times a day to remove obesity.


Swallow a leaf from Ashwagandha by hand handling and swallow it every morning, afternoon, evening in the evening, or with empty stomach water. Regular consumption of one week can be reduced by weight while remaining on fruits, vegetables, milk, buttermilk and juice.
Nowadays the problem of weight gain has become very common. Everyone suffers from this problem, why not control the Increasing weight with the help of easy home remedies.

The domestic remedies for reducing obesity and weight loss are completely safe as well as regular use of them will reduce your weight. You can also share your experiences in the comment below.

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